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Meet our consultants

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Iskandar Setionegoro has had X years of experience as a consultant, specialising in Human Resources, talent management and organisational development. As founder of IMConsulting, he is highly skilled in developing programs directed at improving employee performance and satisfaction at work.  

Key areas: employee empowerment programs, executive coaching, executive stress management

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As a senior consultant, Martin William is well equipped by both experience in the field and higher studies to advise you on a variety of organisational and vocational challenges. His recent projects centre around talent acquisition, leadership and communication trainings. 

Key areas: leadership, communication, hiring and recruitment

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As a young professional in the Human Resources consultancy field, Aulia Fairuz's combined insight from working in the field and personal experience enables her to advise those who are new to the workforce about adjusting emotionally and psychologically to the workplace. Challenges that surrounding stress management at work, managing a new work schedule, settling into a foreign work environment and finding the right career are amongst the things she can help you cope with.

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